Kirby Farm (Armidale)
A rural technology demonstrator site showcasing the benefits of broadband connectivity for farms.

About Sensornets

CSIRO researchers are developing new technologies for outdoor sensor networks to observe physical properties of the world to a level of detail that has not been possible until now.

Our aim is to develop systems that can be used by scientists and other specialists to instrument and understand the environnments in which we live and work, to ultimately change the way we perceive our world.


Drinking water watched by Queensland's seventh sense (14 Jul 09:30)

Wivenhoe Lake Monitoring Network

Wivenhoe Network in the News! (12 May 10:00)

Press coverage for world-first network.

Rainforest rehab in every sense (20 Jul 16:04)

Springbrook Rainforest Deployment

Recent Publications

FOS - a new operating system for sensor networks (25 Jul 09:02)

A short paper outlining the features and design principles of FOS

Fleck3 - A platform for real-world outdoor sensor networks (25 Jul 09:16)

This paper presents the design of the Fleck platform for building real-world outdoor sensor networks. Fleck1 and Fleck2 have been successfully deployed in several long-term outdoor sensor networks. The Fleck3 is the latest member of the platform. The...

Sensor networks annual report 2004-6 (25 Jul 18:07)

CSIRO sensor networks research for the period July 2004 to June 2006.

Sensor networks annual report 2006-7 (25 Jul 18:07)

CSIRO sensor networks research for the period July 2006 to June 2007.